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Meet The Team

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Jill DeMonstoy

Writer / Lead Actor

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Jill has appeared in a myriad of film and television productions with an impressive resume spanning more than a decade.  She has an amazing ability to create authentic and compelling characters on screen and on the page. She is taking control of her own narrative and hard at work on developing the feature-length script for "Borrowing."


Joe Stramowski

Director / Writer

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An accomplished director, writer and current television Showrunner, Joe firmly believes in and practices the idea that the job of a director is to guide cast and crew in making good choices. 

When all is said and done both strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures shape who we are and carry weight of equal value onto the stage.


William Grimaldi


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With a wealth of experience in the film and television industry, William has established connections from cable television to feature films. In his years of experience, William has managed dozens of projects, ranging from 20 to 150 crew. Not only does he keep the production on financial track, he also focuses on putting value in to every second of content recorded. William is an asset in the field and creates an atmosphere of productivity.


Gerald Stramowski

Executive Producer

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A gifted architect by trade, Gerald is our resident "Suit" and greatest of cheerleaders. He brings a clarity, professionalism and a profound sense of empathy into every room he enters. He also diligently works on establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with production, management and all staff both internal and external of the production.

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